Four years of field drought-resistance studies have been completed on a modified sand root zone. It is a medium- to high-maintenance grass that forms a thick, carpetlike sod, crowding out most weeds and other grasses. San Antonio: 210-331-6560 Prices and delivery fees vary depending on your location. Category: sod. It has resistance to chinch bugs. The zip code you entered did not match any of our delivery areas. First released by the University of Florida and Texas A&M in 1973, this blue-green St. Augustine … Floratam's is a coarser textured grass when viewed upclose. Floratam may suffer freeze damage when temperatures fall below freezing for extended periods. 855-806-4763 The most common grass in Florida, Floratam is an easy to maintain wide bladed St. Augustine that performs well throughout Florida. Floratam St Augustine sod is the most commonly produced and used sod variety in Florida. The Floratam variety of St. Augustine is adaptable to many soil conditions and thrives in high temperatures and humid climates. With Floratam's plush wide bladed appearance Floratam St. Augustine … Floratam St. Augustine grass was released by the Florida and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations in 1972 as a SAD virus and chinch bug resistant selection. Floratam St. Augustine Lawn Plugs - Floratam St. Augustine is a very popular lawn grass choice for residential and commercial lawns in the southern climates. Floratam is not as cold tolerant as common St. Augustine, so preconditioning by use of Winterizer fertilizer (3-1-2 or 4-1-2 ratio) in the fall (October) is CRITICAL. Dallas/FW: 214-796-4045 © 2020 The Grass Outlet. Floratam St. Augustine grass was found to be better than Common for the following reasons: Spectracide 10.8 lbs. They were comparable to #609 Buffalograss. 2. 4. It is superior to Texas common St. Augustine grass in its tolerance to downy mildew, gray leaf spot diseases and brown patch fungus. The Floratam strain was developed in the 1970s as a … Floratam's aggressive growth can extend stolons laterally at up to 3/4" per day! 78726 However, Texas Common and Raleigh St. Augustinegrass, as well as Prairie Buffalograss showed over 98% leaf firing with less than 20% recovery. When established St. Augustine Floratam is a super think turf grass it tends to drown out most weeds that try to establish. All recovered, except Meyer at 20% and Belair at 45% after 30 days. Flortam St. Augustine grass was developed in 1972 in order to fight against the SAD virus (also known as the St. Augustine Decline virus) and chinch bugs. It has since been observed to be the most drought tolerant St. Augustine & brown patch tolerant. // End --> Austin: Mowing height should not be over 1 1/2". 10624 RR 620, Repeatedly mowing at lower heights increases the stress on the lawn, discourages deep rooting, increases the chance for scalping if a mowing event is missed or postponed due to weather, and may increase susceptibility to pest problems (Figure 6). Floratam (Stenotaphrum secundatum “Floratam”) is a hybrid cultivar of St. Augustine grass developed jointly by the University of Florida and Texas A&M University and introduced in 1973. Released by the Florida and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations in the early 1970s, Floratam St. Augustine … Get free shipping on qualified Fall, St. Augustine (Floratam) Lawn Fertilizers or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. Floratam St Augustine grass was designed specifically for Florida’s hot, humid climate, making Floratam St Augustine grass perfect for full sun conditions. Please contact our office to check availability of delivering to this location or try again to be sure you entered the zip code correctly. Sod Installation Tips and Information Soil  Know your foundation Understanding the acidity of your soil can help you to decide which type of sod you want to use and if you need to do any additional prep work before laying … Continued. This product is not currently available for online purchase in your area. This turf … With a plush appearance, Floratam thrives in direct sunlight and does not tolerate shade. Floratam St. Augustine grass was released by the Florida and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations in 1972 as a SAD virus and chinch bug resistant selection. Perfect for a sunny lawn, Floratam™ is also the most drought tolerant St. Augustine … It grows vigorously in warm weather, but in north Flordia, it remains dormant for a relatively long period compared with other cultivars. It has since been observed to be brown patch … Developed by Florida and Texas Agricultural Stations, Floratam St. Augustine is specifically designed for hot, humid climates. If you’ve seen Floratam before, it probably reminds you of the popular St. Augustine grass — which at quick glance looks like Floratam. As its name implies, Floratam St. Augustine is the result of collaboration between the University of Florida and Texas A&M University. update=copyright.getFullYear(); Significant drought resistance differentials were found across the cultivars and among the species. Stolons of Floratam are large and purplish-red in color. Texas