Civil War Party

Na Style Jaa - Civil War Party! - CD

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Civil War Party! Beats, Lyrics, and Concepts by Na Style Jaa,

Civil War Party! Beats, (1) Party at the Panama Canal, (2) Lost in the City, (3) Some Say Tomato, Some Say N.A.T.O., (4) Out West (ft. Jacque); (5) Northern Aggression, (6) Clown Story, (7) Snowman in the Summer, (8) Black Eyed Bees, (9) Christmas '96, (10) Speak Easy, (11) Space Art, (12) Land Before Rhyme, (13) Ol' Count's Road, (14) Tides, (15) Electric Toothbrushes, (16) Queen Victoria, (17) Spring Quit Stalin, (18) Bad Thanksgiving, (19) Wedding Ahoy!, (20) The History of Cigarettes.

Lyrics, and Concepts by Na Style Jaa, Copyright (c) 2011 Spirit Records, Produced at Lansing Sounds, Na Style Jaa consists of Drew Jones, Marcus Baldori, and Michael Sherman. Album recorded and mastered by Marcus Baldori and Michael Sherman