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Welcome to Spirit Records

Spirit Records is a boutique Midwestern record label with a catalogue of masters dating back to 1966.  Most of this product was produced  by Bob Baldori at Lansing Sound Studios.  Spirit has a unique selection of roots rock and roll, gospel, jazz and country, as well as contemporary rap and hip-hop now being produced by Marcus Baldori (aka Snap Johnson) and others.

We are opening the site with product that is now available, and will be adding to the catalogue over the coming months.

VARIATIONS THEATRE GROUP PRESENTS Boogie Stomp! the stage play featuring Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza, May 7-31, 2014 at the Chain Theatre, Long Island City, NY. For tickets and more information visit http://variationstheatregroup.com.

  • Ronnie Hernandez and Sweet Energy

    Ronnie Hernandez and Sweet Energy